Are Muslims terrorists?


Been a long time since I’ve posted a poem on here but in sha Allah wanted to share a poem that I just wrote after feeling very angry at the double standards that exist within our society and have become the generally accepted norm.

I may be only 16 but Allah SWT has granted me eyes and I can see the injustices committed against us Muslims and I am not afraid to speak out. Why should we be treated like this? Enough is enough

They don’t even know who the real terror is yet they call us terrorists..

They accuse us of violence

They wish to hear only our silence

But we’re speaking out

We’re clearing every doubt

For them it is morally justified to destroy our lands

And then feign kindness by lending our governments a few helping hands

One can simply look to the corruption in Pakistan

Or take a glance at the destruction in Afghanistan

To kill thousands of innocent people seems to be fine

As long as it is Muslims on the other end of the line

But for a Muslim to do the same?

Well here begins the war on terror game

Before you think I am justifying anything think again

For any loss of innocent human life is wrong and brings only pain

But why does the entire Muslim community have to be ostracized?

The clear truth has to be realised

A few individuals do not constitute for a whole community

We get attacked but the Western governments holds such immunity

When they kill so many innocent people everywhere

Yet for them to be held accountable seems to be so rare

The media paint us as tyrants that blow up places

Please peel back the false image the media has painted and see our true faces

The newspapers are playing with your mind

The truth they don’t wish for you to find

Have you ever opened up the Qur’an?

And seen the true Islam?

One Muslim commits a crime and it makes front page news

But the same doesn’t happen when US soldiers rape and sexually abuse

Women in Iraq and Afghanistan; such crimes are inhumane

And what about all those innocent children and women Israel has slain?

Such terrorists they are that have bombed thousands of homes

And what about all of America’s drones?

Operating in Yemen and Somalia and so many other countries

Yes America the land of the ‘brave, the free’

They wish for us to have ‘liberty’

But we find freedom in Islam; don’t you see?

The biggest war we waged was on removing oppression

On eradicating sadness and depression

By submitting to our Lord with no discretion

Yet our religion and our Prophet SAW get abused in the name of ‘freedom of expression’?!

Ethnic cleaning in Burma and the Central African Republic

But all you want to do is brainwash the public

Not to mention the terrorists in Sri Lanka terrorising

The Muslims but of course they aren’t labelled as terrorists which sadly isn’t surprising

The word ‘terrorist’ seems to be a word so exclusive

To Muslims; sadly it isn’t all inclusive

Do all Irish people have to condemn or pay

For the shameful acts of the IRA?

I don’t have to publicly say that 9/11 was a horrific crime

Nor publicly condemn those involved at the time

For I am not responsible for their actions

I don’t agree with them but then why I am treated as though I am part of their faction?

I could continue on speaking of the injustices that exist

But I’ll stop here however I must insist

That you share this so we can all open our eyes

And stop believing in the media’s and our government’s lies…

As I mentioned before: I may be young but that does not mean I am incapable of recognising injustice and discrimination against Muslims. I just pray that one day the world too will recognise it…..

Please share this…jazakAllah khair

Wa’alaikum Salaam


Burka Avengers!!!

Assalamwa’alaikum ukhtis 😀

Apologies for my lack of blogging lool I guess I was too busy

So Burka Avengers…what are they you must be thinking?

Well I’ll tell you what burka avengers are but in order for me to do so I have to inform you as to the background of this name. So the name I derived from the popular Pakistani cartoon titled ‘Burka Avenger’ which follows a school teacher by the name of Jiya. She teaches primary school by day but by night she transforms into the BURKA AVENGER!!

Fighting the evil villains that wish to close down the girls school and deny the girls of their basic right:education. She does so using pens and books as opposed to the more traditional yet inherently violent method of using weapons like swords and guns.

Anyway I don’t wish to delve to deep into the show itself as there are different views on it and it is somewhat controversial and I want to keep this post as light and funny as possible so swiftly moving on……

I watched the show and whilst watching it a thought came to me………yes I know I can’t believe it either….. lol

My thought was that burka avengers do in actual fact exist believe it or not and these very burka avengers are our very own ukhts that wear niqab 😀

These sisters are absolute soldiers as despite the constant bombardment of media headlines concerning the notion of them being oppressed and being forced to wear the niqab and yada yada yada;our sisters still wear it and they wear it with pride.

So to all you who say that burka avengers are a figment of my imagination, i beg to differ. 😀

Burka Avengers exist and they are AWESOME!!! They are the ones that have to face all the criticisms and hurtful looks and comments and yet they still wear it. So how can they not be superheroes?!

Oppression i think not…look how cute and happy these sisters look MashAllah ❤

Just look at these awesome pics!!

This actually reminds me of a short essay we had to write in English regarding what makes a good role model and I believe I included sisters who wear niqab in there as they are sisters who are strong in faith and iman and who most misunderstood. May Allah SWT bless their souls, preserve their beautiful hearts and keep them steadfast on the deen. May He SWT also give the rest of us the courage to wear it and become BURKA AVENGERS!!!!! Ameen 😀

So next time you see a sister in niqab just remember she could be a BURKA AVENGER!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOL 😀

Wait isn’t this just awesome!!!!!!!!!! Look haha

JazakAllah khair and Assalamwa’alaikum 😀