We are on a journey. I don’t even need to elaborate or explain. Simply: we are on a journey. But where to? Isn’t that the burning question? What is our destination and is dunya just a stop in the journey?

I’m in love with it because that’s just it: dunya is just a stop. We are journeying, we are traveling and in sha Allah we are travelling right back home. Back to eternal happiness and pleasure where there lies delights and wonders that will only last forever.

Dunya is the stop just as you stop when you are travelling by plane. Sometimes you take a stop in a different country and you are forced to wander around in the airport and await the time when you can reboard the plane and finally reach your destination. Well that is dunya: a stop. We wander around, we buy some, we rest some and then we leave. But…

So ask yourself: do you want Jannah? You will most definately reply yes because that’s what we all want but now really ask yourself after looking at your actions. After thinking about what you do on a daily basis, then ask yourself: do I want Jannah? We utter yes with our tongues but do our actions tell otherwise?

We all want to go back home but we have to work for it and we have to ask for it so let’s do both. Let’s work for it and ask for it and never lose hope.

 This stop will cause us pain. It will hurt. It will make us cry and sometimes things will get so hard we’ll just feel like giving up. But we cannot give up. We can never give up or lose sight of our goal our aim.

There’s our way, this is our journey and we’re nearly home in sha Allah.This verse soothes my heart when in troubled waters subhanAllah :’)

My dear sisters I ask you from the bottom of my heart:

 And finally and I pray for this every day:

 Ameen thumma ameen!

Keep going sisters because we’re nearly home.

Wasalamwa’alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu