To my Syrian Sisters:


Another poem regarding Syria and specifically my message to our Syrian sisters


‘Oh Syria, the land of the blessed

Oh Syria, the land of the oppressed

Oh Syria, it has to be confessd

Oh Syria, my heart bleeds and finds no rest

But it’ nothing compared to how you’re feeling

From the constant bombs, you’re reeling

Your freedom these tyrants are stealing

But don’t worry for on that Day, they’ll be kneeling

and begging for His mercy

from the punishment that He will decree

For Allah SWT is the Most Just and He will set you free

No more tears shed, no more agony

No more pain and torture;you will have liberty

No more violence and innocent people dying

No more vulnerable, helpless babies crying

No more fears

Because Allah SWT hears your prayers

So know that He is always near

Through all the heart-aching pain

Remember He is closer you than your jugular vein

My dearest sisters, I can’t cry enough for you

Your the soldiers of this ummah, staying strong and true

Keeping faith regardless of what hardships you go through

My tears themselves weep for you

How can I forget you my beautiful sisters? How can I?

These tyrants will be held accountable for each tear you cry

And each bomb that they drop down on you from the sky

Such cowards, staying up so high

But for these tyrants the end is nigh’

Once again I can only ask you to remember our Syrian sisters and brothers in your duas

Silence is betrayal so speak out against this oppression for we will be held accountable too on the Day Of Judgement

JazakAllah khair