Mercy of Allah SWT

Assalamwa’alaikum sisters! 😀

SubhanAllah been really busy with my exams and work and so haven’t been able to blog much so apologies, please forgive x

In sha Allah today I wanted to speak about the mercy of Allah SWT

The reason as to why I wanted to post regarding this particular topic is because this is something that I, as well as others, feel like I am constantly despairing about. And subhanALLAH we feel trapped after we sin and suffocated by the enormity of our bad deed or by it’s severity. But ALLAHU AKBAR His mercy far supersedes His wrath.

No sin is greater than His mercy so we should always turn back. The Shaitaan will try his utmost to convince us that we are too bad and that we will never be forgiven but ignore his whispers. As long as we are sincere then in sha Allah Allah SWT will forgive us.

SubhanALLAH never despair over His mercy, always have hope in sha Allah for truly a life without hope is death. This is something that I personally have battled with for a long time and will continue to do so until I finally realise how great Allah SWT’s mercy is.


The past is something that we can never ever change but alhamdulilah without it we would never be where we are today. Perhaps it was that through one sin in the past that Allah SWT allowed us to come closer to Him when otherwise we would have stayed blind and ignorant of the truth.

Seek His mercy after sin and in sha Allah He will forgive you and then move on. Don’t let the past haunt you, leave it where it’s meant to be but carry the lessons you learn from it in your heart always so you may always remember where you came from and how much you’ve moved on by His Mercy. And to also remind yourself how much you don’t want to slip back into that place where your nightmares reside.

This is not something new I am saying for we have always known this or been taught this but I guess this is a little reminder for all of us who feel the walls closing in after we sin. Who feel that their heart will never be cleansed of these bad deeds and that there is no hope. For as long as we keep faith in Allah SWT there is always hope.

SubhanALLAH before we begin something, anything what do we recite? ‘Bismillah hirrahma nirahim’ which translates as ‘In the name of Allah SWT the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful’ so how can we despair? Wee say this dua, this supplication so many times a day but do we ever reflect upon it? We are constantly saying that Allah SWT is the most merciful but when the calamity hits us, when we commit that bad deed, how many of us run to Him full of regret and more importantly hope begging for His mercy? SubhanALLAH we don’t many a time for we give up before the fight has even properly started.

In sha ALLAH could go on for a long time talking about His mercy but I think that much is sufficient for one post. In sha Allah would love to next time maybe share my personal inspirations and how I try to overcome this barrier that stops me from running back to Him after I sin. I don’t really enjoy speaking about my personal life but in sha Allah khayr if it helps or inspires someone else then I will try to share.

I write this post first and foremost to remind myself and then to remind others in sha ALLAH as this is something that is very much an ongoing struggle for me so keep me in your duas in sha Allah…

Jazakumullah Khairan ukties x



Burka Avengers!!!

Assalamwa’alaikum ukhtis 😀

Apologies for my lack of blogging lool I guess I was too busy

So Burka Avengers…what are they you must be thinking?

Well I’ll tell you what burka avengers are but in order for me to do so I have to inform you as to the background of this name. So the name I derived from the popular Pakistani cartoon titled ‘Burka Avenger’ which follows a school teacher by the name of Jiya. She teaches primary school by day but by night she transforms into the BURKA AVENGER!!

Fighting the evil villains that wish to close down the girls school and deny the girls of their basic right:education. She does so using pens and books as opposed to the more traditional yet inherently violent method of using weapons like swords and guns.

Anyway I don’t wish to delve to deep into the show itself as there are different views on it and it is somewhat controversial and I want to keep this post as light and funny as possible so swiftly moving on……

I watched the show and whilst watching it a thought came to me………yes I know I can’t believe it either….. lol

My thought was that burka avengers do in actual fact exist believe it or not and these very burka avengers are our very own ukhts that wear niqab 😀

These sisters are absolute soldiers as despite the constant bombardment of media headlines concerning the notion of them being oppressed and being forced to wear the niqab and yada yada yada;our sisters still wear it and they wear it with pride.

So to all you who say that burka avengers are a figment of my imagination, i beg to differ. 😀

Burka Avengers exist and they are AWESOME!!! They are the ones that have to face all the criticisms and hurtful looks and comments and yet they still wear it. So how can they not be superheroes?!

Oppression i think not…look how cute and happy these sisters look MashAllah ❤

Just look at these awesome pics!!

This actually reminds me of a short essay we had to write in English regarding what makes a good role model and I believe I included sisters who wear niqab in there as they are sisters who are strong in faith and iman and who most misunderstood. May Allah SWT bless their souls, preserve their beautiful hearts and keep them steadfast on the deen. May He SWT also give the rest of us the courage to wear it and become BURKA AVENGERS!!!!! Ameen 😀

So next time you see a sister in niqab just remember she could be a BURKA AVENGER!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOL 😀

Wait isn’t this just awesome!!!!!!!!!! Look haha

JazakAllah khair and Assalamwa’alaikum 😀

To my Syrian Sisters:


Another poem regarding Syria and specifically my message to our Syrian sisters


‘Oh Syria, the land of the blessed

Oh Syria, the land of the oppressed

Oh Syria, it has to be confessd

Oh Syria, my heart bleeds and finds no rest

But it’ nothing compared to how you’re feeling

From the constant bombs, you’re reeling

Your freedom these tyrants are stealing

But don’t worry for on that Day, they’ll be kneeling

and begging for His mercy

from the punishment that He will decree

For Allah SWT is the Most Just and He will set you free

No more tears shed, no more agony

No more pain and torture;you will have liberty

No more violence and innocent people dying

No more vulnerable, helpless babies crying

No more fears

Because Allah SWT hears your prayers

So know that He is always near

Through all the heart-aching pain

Remember He is closer you than your jugular vein

My dearest sisters, I can’t cry enough for you

Your the soldiers of this ummah, staying strong and true

Keeping faith regardless of what hardships you go through

My tears themselves weep for you

How can I forget you my beautiful sisters? How can I?

These tyrants will be held accountable for each tear you cry

And each bomb that they drop down on you from the sky

Such cowards, staying up so high

But for these tyrants the end is nigh’

Once again I can only ask you to remember our Syrian sisters and brothers in your duas

Silence is betrayal so speak out against this oppression for we will be held accountable too on the Day Of Judgement

JazakAllah khair



Syria: Through my eyes


This is my poem from the perspective of a Syrian child…………Bismillah………..

‘Ummi, ummi I cry but no one can hear me

All we wanted was to be free

The world has eyes so why doesn’t it see?

There’s nothing left for us here so we’re forced to flee

But where to? Who will open their door?

Who will pick us back up from the floor?

Papa, papa I cry but my words don’t leave

But I have faith so I still believe

That Allah SWT will help me find ummi

She is around here somewhere…. I know she will be

She was just trying to find some food, we haven’t eaten for days

But then the bomb fell and it turned everything into a haze

Ummi is alive and I know it

She wouldn’t leave me alone, i don’t believe she’s dead-not one bit

Not even when I see her lying on the floor lifeless and gone

Not even when the air escapes me and I try to hold on

Not even when I collapse and try to breathe

I try to remember that Allah SWT promised “after hardship comes ease”

I start to vomit, begging Allah SWT to bring her baack

Begging Him to give her another chance

I did the same when my little brother were killed whilst at school

But Ummi had told me to stop saying that and to not be a fool

Because once people go, there’s no return..that was the rule

So as I lay there, I wished that this rule applied to me too

‘Cus if I died, I wouldn’t want to come back to this living hell

I would be able to stay with Ummi forever but who will

Look after Papa, he’s probably looking for me

I try to find him with my eyes but they can no longer see

The darkness is descending and the light is fading away

I crawl over to Ummi and wrap myself round her lifeless arms

I allow death to wash over me, knowing Papa will join us one day’

This is the first in the series of poems about Syria that I will be posting In sha Allah…….the world has left Syria fighting on its knees and the most affected are the women and children. Millions are refugees but with no where to go……who will help them??

Please let us not forget our brothers and sisters dying each day in Syria and everywhere else: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Palestine, Iraq, Bangladesh etc

We are one ummah and we care for one another so please in sha Allah remember them in your duas

May Allah SWT grant victory to all our oppressed brothers and sisters and may He grant them all Jannat-ul-firdaus, ameen.

JazakAllah khair