A reflection on a reflection

Assalamwa’alaikum sisters

In sha Allah you’re all in the best of health and iman and are doing fantastic.

Oh and Ramadhan Mubarak! In sha Allah you’re taking full advantage of this blessed month.

Oh and in sha Allah don’t worry as my story will continue so I haven’t forgotten or stopped.

So a rather peculiar title to this post: a reflection on a reflection. Well I’ll clarify…oh and final note, my tone is going to be slightly conversational so just a heads up there.

Now I think…a lot. I spend much of my time just thinking; about the past, future, me, my mistakes etc as I’m sure we all do. But there’s a problem with thinking too much. There’s a problem with living inside your head and forcing yourself to go over your past again and again. Now before you jump to the conclusion that I’m advocating the stopping of thinking, I’m not. However what I am trying to get across is this: learn from the past, ponder upon your mistakes to learn how to move on and be a better Muslim but do not allow the past to define you.

It’s an integral part of being Muslim: realising your mistakes and turning back to Allah SWT in sincere repentance. But you do not have to live in the past and in the shadow of your mistakes. Let it go and move on. Cliche right? But so true…

I want to share a story, short one don’t worry. One day on the way to school, it began to rain. A little at first but it soon intensified and as I walked through that rain, a thought came to me…these raindrops were purifying the ground or cleaning it. The rubbish was flowing away and left the ground bare. What does wudhu do? It is a form of purification for as you wash, your minor sins wash away too: http://abdurrahman.org/seerah/riyad/08/chap185.htm

You’re being cleansed.

You’re starting again.

And that is so powerful and amazing subhanAllah! Five times a day you are washing away those minor sins in sha Allah.

But there’s more to come…

We are in the month of Mercy, the month in which the gates of Hell are closed and the gates of Jannah are open so this is the time to repent and turn back. To purify and cleanse and then move on. To let the past go. To be free.

Wasalamwa’alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu



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